Open Positions

Always open!

For all research projects, we are looking for interested and motivated Bachelor, Master and PhD students. If you are interested in joining, do not hesitate to contact us. We have lots of exciting research to do!

As a pre-requisite you should, first of all, bring a strong motivation for experimental work in a modern quantum optics lab. Master’s and PhD students should ideally have attended courses on advanced atomic physics, quantum mechanics, laser physics and quantum optics.

For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us.

List of open positions

We are offering many different topics for both Bachelor's, Master's and PhD theses. Some examples are listed below:

Strong Interactions inside hollow core Fibers:

  • Setting up a laser system to create a so called dark SPOT MOT
  • Stabilizing a multicolor laser system to a high finesse cavity
  • Setting up a detection system for few to single photons
  • There is an open PhD position for this project.


Light propagation in dipolar media:

  • Setup and characterization of a high numerical aperture lens system for trapping and imaging of atomic clouds
  • Characterization of a trapping and transport system for cold atoms
  • Characterization of a magnetic field compensation system
  • Initial studies on light-induced correlations
  • There is an open PhD position for this project.


Quantum gases in microgravity:

  • Characterization and optimization of fiberbased optical delivery systems
  • Development of test protocols and execution of environmental tests of optical components and systems for their utilization on a sounding rocket
  • Design, Development and Characterization of different spectroscopy systems
  • There is an open PhD position within the QUANTUS-V project.