Seminar MSc 1/2 – Quantum technologies winter term 20/21

Master Seminar I + II

Winter term 2020/21

Quantum technologies

Tuesdays 14-16

The first Quantum Revolution gave us new rules that govern physical reality. These were exploited to understand many questions in solid state physics, high energy physics and optics. It caused a transformational change to science, technology and society by providing us with things like transistors, computers, iPads, the laser and so on. The next Quantum Revolution is now on its way. The European Union and many national activates are spending significantly more than one billion Euros within the next ten years to develop tools and devices that “really” exploit the quantum character of our world. The goal is to produce quantum computers and quantum simulators, quantum sensors and quantum communication devices that might in the future impact large areas of daily life. This seminar intends to give an overview over this topic. We will explore individual examples where quantum technologies are already used today and hope to give you an overview of what to expect from quantum technologies in the coming years.

The seminar is a joint initiative of all QUANTUM groups and will be organized by Patrick Windpassinger ( The approx. 30 minutes talks should be given in English.




Date   Topic Supervisor
17.11.2020 Alexander Reinhard Introduction to quantum computing - digital vs. analog quantum computation Poschinger
17.11.2020 B. Tscharn Q-bits and quantum gates Schmidt-Kaler
24.11.2020 A. Romanova Quantum computation with photonic qubits Windpassinger
24.11.2020 Stefan Häussler Photonic quantum error correction Van Loock
1.12.2020 Noel Zimmer Secure communication – QKD also via satellite Walz
8.12.2020 Tim Charissé Quantum teleportation with discrete and continuous variables Van Loock
8.12.2020 Adrian Dick Long-distance quantum communication and quantum internet Van Loock
15.12.2020 C. Seltenreich Bosonisation for quantum spin chains Jamir Marino
15.12.2020 He Fangge Engineering entangled states via dissipation Jamir Marino
5.1.2021 Gunther Türk Gravity and rotation sensing with ultra-cold quantum matter Wenzlawski
5.1.2021 Lukas Görner Optical clocks for precision metrology and sensing Windpassinger
12.1.2021 L. Schumacher Single particle Penning traps Walz/Smorra
19.1.2021 Yuzhe  Zhang Single spin magnetic sensors Budker
19.1.2021 Lukas Holzbeck EDM measurements Budker
26.1.2021 Sebastian Ritter Quantum-limited microwave amplifiers Fertl
26.1.2021 Hassan Hatoum Entanglement enhanced magnetometry Budker